APL Indonesia Put Women in the Spotlight

Now, women are increasingly gaining their stage in Indonesia’s industry. Many companies have provided equal opportunities between women and men in developing their potential within a company. This also applies to PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL Indonesia). Under the leadership of Christophe Piganiol, President Director of APL Indonesia, the appreciation and possibility for women to show up are increasingly wide open.

Christophe Piganiol‘s concern for the development and chances for female employees at APL is demonstrated by creating several support programs. For example, in demonstrating its commitment to women, programs such as sharing sessions that invite successful female leaders in various fields were carried out by Christophe and APL.

At the end of 2019, APL invited Lilis Mulyawati, President Director of Watsons Indonesia to fill the third session of the Leadership Session program supported by Christophe Piganiol. As a leader, the former General Manager of Zuellig Pharma Korea states that by inviting women leaders who are successful in leadership will share the same passion for leaders in APL, not only women but also men in general.

In the previous leadership session, APL as the Top Pharmacy Distributor Company in Indonesia had also invited Amelia Nasution, Marketing Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk. With the presence of speakers from various fields of industry, hopefully, this will add to the perspectives of women and men leaders in APL. Because, when the leadership runs well, the positive impact can also be seen from productivity that occurs in the company as a whole.

Christophe Piganiol also believes that if women have a wide-open window of opportunities and a healthy work environment, they will be able to give their best performance. That is also why APL as the Top Pharmacy Distributor Company in Indonesia is fully committed to creating a positive work climate for all employees, especially women.

Another factor to be achieved, if we try to see from a broad perspective, from the implementation of the Leadership Session program is to give an appreciation for women’s achievements throughout Indonesia. For Christophe Piganiol, women who get a stage to tell people their story will be able to give a good influence on other women. The positive thing will spread, and hopefully, there will be more achievement from women throughout Indonesia especially those who come from APL.

Christophe Piganiol‘s concern for female employees at APL was also shown by the implementation of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in October 2019. APL invited Radian Nyi Sukmasari who is a breast cancer survivor to share her story and the struggle that she experienced in defeating cancer.

According to Christophe, the awareness of breast cancer is important to understand and acknowledge. It can create togetherness between each team member in APL as we are placing in the same position to fight something side by side. As a large company and one of the Top Pharmacy Distributor Company in Indonesia, the high level of team engagement will have a significant impact on increasing productivity and morale. The more people feel they belong to one another, the more they are loyal to people around them and the company itself.

On the other hand, Christophe saw the concern for female employees not only needs to be shown in terms of work but also personally, including their health. Through this campaign, Christophe and APL provide comprehensive information about breast cancer, starting from prevention, identifying its characteristics and how to treat it. The implementation of the breast cancer awareness program and its information is in line with Christophe Piganiol‘s commitment to his leadership vision in APL which is to create a positive atmosphere for all employees, especially women.

Eventually, all of those things above are in line with APL’s mission to support the talented young generation in Indonesia who can bring Indonesia to compete globally. Through his programs, Christophe is in the process of presenting new talents who will be able to lead and bring the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry into a better future. Locally, it will support the improvements of health access for the whole community in Indonesia. It will also support the availability of top-quality medicines all around Indonesia. Internationally, it will be able to bring our pharmaceutical industry to set our position on the international stage.

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